D is for Drat, Dang, and Doggone Developing Dermatitis

I’ve been focused on writing today, so it was not even noticeable at first. But when I finished the draft I was working on, I looked down to see blotchy marks covering my forearms and to note that I had been scratching. If I had been outside and it were later in the year, I’d almost blame chiggers or some other nasty little bug, but I’m pretty sure these doggone things are hives.
Generally, I would have I have pretty good skin, but in the last few days, I’ve been overly concerned about my dermis and not in anything resembling a good way. Before the hives, I had a rash on my back that itched constantly. Now, it’s my arms covered in dime-sized spots.
Being a writer and researcher, my first inclination is to go hunting to figure out where it came from. It’s fairly clearly an allergic reaction to something. Drat!
If it’s an external thing, it would likely be my body wash or my laundry detergent. Neither is a great option. I’ve used both for years. And my laundry soap is dye and fragrance free. Dang!
If it’s an internal allergy, it gets even more complicated. New to the diet are my gluten-free tortillas from Rudi’s. I hereby declare I cannot be allergic to them. They are the first tortilla shells I’ve had in years that don’t have gluten in them. I will not be allergic to them, doggone it.
The only other option is the new Greek yogurt I’ve been eating for breakfast. Also not a great option because I like it, it’s convenient and it’s low calorie. But this hive stuff is for the birds…or rats…or some other creepy crawly that needs to be tortured by incessant itching.
Right now, I’m waiting for the Bendryl to kick in and hoping that I can think of another cause for my itching, but sadly all I can think about it scratching that danged itch.

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