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I’m notoriously bad at this blogging thing. I like to share about my favorite books, what I’m thinking, etc. and then I get distracted by some other shiny. I’ve decided to do better this year.

So the first step is getting more involved with other bloggers. That means reading lots of blogs, commenting and joining blog hops. My first one is scheduled for Valentine’s Day with the beautiful Jolie Dupre and her Precious Monsters blog.
Expect to see more from me between now and then, maybe even focusing on the paranormal romance that I write under the pen name Luci Cosway or maybe asking about the vampire serial I’ve been talking about writing for a year.
That’s definitely part of my problem. I talk more about writing fiction than I actual do. I am not the risk taker I should be. I chicken out and focus on the work that pays immediately instead of investing in my fiction and my future.
Today all that changes. I’m finishing the rewrite of my first novel this week.
Then I want to focus on those languishing projects. First up: Mia’s story.
Until I can get back to writing the first chapters of her story, my question to you is: When you are reading a vampire story, do you want to read about the vampire’s creation? Should I start the story when Mia’s still a human or just jump in to the good stuff?
Comment below and on January 31, I’ll select my favorite answer and send you a copy of my vampire short story Love Always, Jake. Since the story is included in the anthology ELEMENTS OF TIME, I’ll send you the whole book.
Happy Saturday!

6 Responses to “Blog Hop and Book Give Away”
  1. To me, a vampire’s creation story is important IF they have a relationship with their sire that is central to the main plot. For instance, Lestat’s sire–Magnus, I think, from the Anne Rice vampire was an old vampire who had never “made” another vampire. Then he killed himself the night Lestat was sired. It’s a creation story that affects every aspect of the story from that point forward, from the reason Lestat was chosen to his search for and discovery of vampires later.

    On the other hand, if the sire has no relevance to the overall story plot, I’d say skip the backstory.

    I’d love to be part of your upcoming blog hops. If you need vampire blogs, I can try to come up with something.

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  2. Jamie Carollo says:

    When I read vampire stories, I like to know the backstory but only a little bit. I don’ t need a whole chapter dedicated to it, maybe just have it in a conversation just so we know exactly what happened!

  3. lisa markson says:

    Sent by the fabulous Jennifer Malone Wright this sound great. Thank you for giveaway.

  4. Sara wyers says:

    I like to know little about the past life too. But don’t want to be bored either. Just enough to know who the really are. Then it’s on with the vampires!!!

  5. laurie g says:

    When I read vampire stories, I like to know the backstory ..just enough to know where the charatcure is coming from and how ar they motivated

  6. Jennifer Ahlhorn says:

    Hi! I love vampire stories! Romance in the book is a must lol I like human/vamp or vamp/vamp love… a good one would be human/human love and then one is changed into a vamp! I like either human then turned vamp or main character already vamp. If the character is already vamp I like a glimpse into their human past/feelings/emotions. Paranormal romance is my fav fav fav 🙂 Love giveaways 🙂

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