Michelle L. Devon: Taking Risks in Life, Writing

If you know Michelle L. Devon, that’s Michy to most of us, you know that she’s one of those people who is always putting herself out there to try to help others be the best they can be.
Several years ago she founded Twin Trinity Media to help aspiring authors get their short stories and poems published. She runs a writing forum, blogs and writes a few novels, short stories and creative nonfiction pieces of her own. She’s written poetry, articles and everything in between. Her latest TTM project, is this one:

And while she’s not doing that, she battles chronic illness and pain. She does it all with a grace and peace that is inspiring.
So why does that matter?
Because it gives you a little hint at the woman behind this guest post. She is amazing and always taking chances. I reviewed her novella CELESTE a few weeks ago. It’s worth reading, but then again, Michy almost always writes stuff worth reading.

From Michy:

My son jumped out of a perfectly good airplane as his 18th birthday present. He said it was the best experience of his life. It was risk. After all, people have and do die when skydiving. But he didn’t die, and because of, in part, that risk of dying, he considers this one of the best experiences he’s ever had. He is going on the slingshot next, a bungee experience that is unlike anything I would ever consider.

Everything negatively apparent in my life is important to me, because, you see, they are the things that I remember and use in my writing. I tell people all the time: I haven’t had an easy life, but man, have I lived! I’ve experienced things and those things are what I carry with me now, have become who I am, and I like me!

I was watching an episode of MasterChef, and one of the finalists, Josh, is a risk taker with his cooking. It’s paid off, since he made it to the finals in the competition, down to just him and the (eventual) winner, Christine. He even was kicked off the show at one point and then fought his way back in. He takes risks with his cooking, risks Joe, the chef judge on the show, isn’t always sure of, but somehow always seems to work for him.

Risk taking can be good or bad, can turn out fantastically or be a dismal failure, but either way you go, something wonderful comes out of taking a chance, taking that risk: experience. And it is that experience, those experiences, that make you who you are.

For example, Josh could have easily taken those risks and they would have failed and he would have been eliminated long before making it to the finals. My son could have taken those risks and ended up dying in a horrible accident.

Then again, life is a risk.

Writing is the same way. Right now, we’re in a publishing industry shift—and writers are taking risks now unlike ever before in this industry. Indie writers, indie authors, as they are called, are branching out of the traditional molds and taking chances, making their writing available immediately to their readers, bypassing the gatekeepers and letting the readers judge for themselves what they want and don’t want to read.

And for some, it’s really paying off. And others are learning hard lessons and crashing and burning. But there’s always something to be gained from failure, and success is fickle at best. With any risk, the reward is sweet and the failure is bitter.

So I offer to you my risks, in the form of novellas for you to read, and hope that by taking this risk and putting my works out there, I will find success. At the very least, I hope not to crash and burn. I hope you can find something in my writing that you can connect with.

CELESTE, the book that is subject to this virtual blog tour with Walker Author Tours is one of those risks. I played with genre, played with length, and ended up with a complete story that is more than a short story but not quite a novel. It’s told in a fast-paced way of the short story but with the more depth and breadth of a novel. It has full characterization but no extraneous explanation.

It was a risk, one I hope was worth taking. What I can say so far is: It’s been worth the experience!

So as a reader, take a risk yourself. Pick up a copy of an indie author’s book and take a chance. It might suck but it just might be a gem. You see, with the shift in publishing right now, you, the reader, are the gatekeeper now! YOU decide what makes it and what doesn’t. By supporting indie authors everywhere, you take the risk of spending a buck or two on something that sucks, but you also take the risk that you might discover the next big ‘thing’ in publishing. Readers decide now!

It’s up to you… pick up an indie book today and see if it’s not worth the experience! If you’d like, I’d love for it to be one of my books. CELESTE is waiting for you.

Michelle Devon (Michy)

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  1. Thank you for hosting Michy on her tour!

  2. Thank you for the great lead-in to my post! I’m honored and humbled by your words.

    Love and stuff,

  3. I can definitely say I wouldn’t have a novel complete without Michy as a mentor. She believes you can do anything you dream and then she gets you to believe it too.

  4. Sheila Robinson says:

    Risk taking can lead to some life enriching experiences. Michy has some good insights on this topic. It is great that Indie writers and other creatives now have a great opportunity to showcase their work through the web with less restriction.

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