Walker Author Tours Review: CELESTE by Michelle L. Devon

Do you know Michelle L. Devon?
More improtantly, do you know her books?
Let’s talk about Celeste.
Kyle’s had a bit of a hard time since his parents died. He had to spend some time in the hospital, but he’s better now, even his therapist thinks so. After having his life shattered once, he’s not going to take things for granted, especially not with the beautiful Celeste.
Celeste is everything he’s ever wanted, content to stay at home and just hang out, instead of needing to go out to the clubs every night. She’s perfection made flesh and Kyle is finally happy.

The nice thing about Michelle L. Devon is that her stories don’t require a lot of suspension of disbelief, because she gets the reader to feel the characters, to know the things they know and believe them too. When Kyle and Celeste are together, the pages practically sizzle with the chemistry between them. Likewise, when he is in session with his doctors, it is just as easy to feel the confusion and pain that overwhelms him.
One of the many things that Michy does particularly well is to display mental illness without the stigma society normally associates with it. Kyle’s illness is not violent and a threat to no one except himself, well maybe, anyway. Her subtle look at the veil between reality and perception makes for the best kinds of stories, the ones that leave you wanting more and wondering about what you just read.
Celeste is not the type of novella that you can set down once you reach the last page and walk away thinking, “Well, wasn’t that a nice little story.” Instead, it leaves you questioning. Could you prove anything in your life existed outside your mind? It is, the essence of what writing should be: entertaining, interesting and thought-provoking.
Not surprisingly to those who know her, Michy does it all.
Michy is an author and publisher on the Gulf Coast of Texas. She writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as helping other writers find their voice with both her editing service and her writers’ forum. This review was provided with no thought to recompense. I bought the book and I would do it again.
Check out other discussions about Michy’s work over the next several weeks through Walker Author Tours. The great thing about Celeste is that every reviewer is likely to see it differently.
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  1. Thank you for the great review and for hosting Michy on her tour!

  2. its.alark says:

    Great review, lots of good insights! I loved this book, too!

  3. Fantastic review. I’ve been feeling lousy, so I haven’t had a chance to promote this, but I will tomorrow. I loved what you had to say, Cindy. Thanks for the awesome review!

    Love and stuff,

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