Tempting Book Tours Review: The Brown House

The chance for redemption plays a major role in Christy Sloat’s young adult novel The Brown House.
Brylee starts out as the girl we all love to hate, the tall, blonde and built California girl who has everything. But Sloat is good at drawing real world problems into her horror and Brylee has to reinvent herself after her father loses her job and they lose their house.
The family relocates to New Jersey for a new job and a new house, an ugly brown one. The brown house that her father picks out is not only unattractive, the neighbors say it’s haunted.
Brylee begins the story as a typically self-absorbed teen, but she’s already realized that the move makes it possible for to reinvent herself too. Instead of being one of the popular girls and a bully, she decides that at the new school, she’s going to be nice, not a bitch.
She starts with Lyn her next door neighbor, helping the young woman to gain a little confidence and stand up to the school bully. That should be enough, right? After all, new school, new best friend, and best friend’s hottie older brother are plenty to keep a girl busy.
But Brylee’s also got a haunted house, her blue-haired friend Kayla, and a mystery to solve all while helping her parents adjust to life in New Jersey.
This is a fast paced young adult paranormal/horror story where finding happily ever after isn’t a given. Sloat’s characters are fun and believable while being filled with just the right amount of teen angst. Of course, is it really angst if you find out… Oh wait, that would be telling.
At a little over 300 pages, The Brown House is still a very quick read, with language and situations appropriate to teens. The development of friendships through the book make it clear that Sloat understands that some friendships are meant to last forever.

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  1. christy says:

    Oh my god! Best review I ever recieved!!!! Thank you so much. Please post to goodreads. I want to share this review with the world 🙂

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