Tempting Book Tours: Review: TIME FOR DEATH by Christie Silvers

Looking for a vampire story that’s just a bit different?

Christie Silvers’ TIME FOR DEATH is more than just a vampire story, but it remembers the tropes of vampire stories. Heroine Liz Baker is fond of graveyard sex as a way to spice things up on occasion, but even she was not hoping for this much spice. The figure at the edge of the cemetery seems to be trailing her and making her more than a little nervous.

When a friend dies on the way home from her bar that same night, Liz has a hunch that it is somehow connected to the mysterious figure. The twists and turns as Liz comes into her own powers are a delightfully fun read that will leave you reaching for the next book in the series.

One of the nice things about Silver’s writing, in both her Liz Baker series and the Alex and Fiona series, is that she makes you care about the characters. Liz is flawed, but she’s also tough, smart and loyal. She’s the kind of woman you’d be proud to call a friend, even if doing so makes you a target for a vampire or two.

Christie is also great at making you almost like and root for the vampire– almost. The scenes with Marcus and Liz are sexy, surreal and more than a little frightening. After all, how do you protect yourself from something you want more than you want to keep breathing?

TIME FOR DEATH was the fourth Christie Silvers novel that I’ve enjoyed and by far the best. Not that the others weren’t good as well, they were. But by the time she started Liz’s story, Christie had become completely comfortable in her own shoes, creating a smart-mouthed and sometimes foul-mouthed bar owner from Georgia (just like Christie) who knows what she wants and usually isn’t afraid to grab it.

The problem, of course, arises when you find there are some things that you really should be afraid of — very afraid.

One of the very best things about Christie’s writing is that she knows how to tell a story and how to create a series. By the time I finished TIME FOR DEATH, I wanted to be Liz and have all the wonderful people in my life that were sharing hers, and maybe even a Marcus of my own. The story is complete in itself, but it also leads you right into her next Liz story.

And the coolest thing about that, is that Christie wants to share Liz’s story with you. She’s having a Rafflecopter give away to three people from those who read about her on all the TEMPTING BOOK TOURS blogs.

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Cross your fingers, say a little prayer for Liz’s safety and then enter! The first prize is print copies of all three Liz Baker books. Second and third prizes are digital copies of TIME FOR DEATH.
And, then go buy the books. You can get them here:

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Want to stalk Christie, or at least find out more about her and her books?

Website: http://www.christiesilvers.com

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DISCLOSURE: Disclosure is good for the soul, or so I’ve been told. Anyway, I got TIME FOR DEATH free when Christie was giving it away. I bought KILL ME NEXT WEEK and KILLER INTENTIONS afterward because I liked this story so much!

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