Tempting Book Tours: Review: News From Dead Mule Swamp

There’s nothing like a cozy mystery on a warm and rainy spring day.
Of course, we haven’t had a rainy spring day in awhile, but don’t let that stop you from rushing off to Amazon or Smashwords and downloading News From Dead Mule Swamp. This is the first in a series featuring divorcee and recent homeowner Anastasia Raven. Ana buys an old farmhouse just off Dead Mule Swamp and as happens with all main characters in cozies, she soon finds herself in the middle of mischief.
News is the introductory story for the series, but if you’d like to get a free taste of the characters that make up Ana’s world and get to know Ana for free, check out “The Hollow Tree at Dead Mule Swamp” first. Then, once you’ve falled in love with the rich and diverse characters that Young creates to make this cozy series a winner, go back for News and then the second installment, Paddy Plays in Dead Mule Swamp.

After Ana gets divorced, she buys an old farmhouse near a Michigan swamp to restore and find herself. What she finds immediately is an old newspaper and then later, a dead handyman. The plot is perfect for a cozy; it’s an afternoon of easy reading with enjoyable characters.
Anyone who has ever lived in a small town will recognize the dynamics, which Young captures beautifully. Her characters are quirky and fun and believable. The story reminded me of an old Nancy Drew maystery in all the best ways. The violence is minimal and the clues are available without being in your face.
Disclosure: I bought the book and reviewed it based solely on my own opinions. I did get The Hollow Tree for free, but so can you!

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