A to Z Blog Challenge: Bad and Control

Well that plan went straight out the window.
I have a dozens of meager excuses for not doing a blog post yesterday, but they are all just that — bad excuses.
On the whole, Monday was a bad day. Not horrible, just not as productive as I would have liked. That short story I wanted to finish? Yeah, well, it got about 300 words added.
Definitely not the jump into April I intended.
But today’s a new day, so I’m moving on to my C plan. That is, control.
I can control my calendar and therefore what and when I get things done. I just chose to ignore that control yesterday.
This morning I’ve already finished one writing project that helps pay the bills and am moving on to my fiction. I intend to finish that darn short story today. Unlike I was yesterday, I am now clear about the intended path for the story.
After I finish my short story, there are two paying writing projects due later this week that I want to finish up today.
The reality is that my c word is actually a trio of C’s, something I need to focus on as the days progress: clarity, control and create.
Now that I’ve given into my accountability, I’m in control for the afternoon and need to create something.
Wish me luck!

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