A to Z Blog Challenge: Accountability

Last week, I had lunch with a couple of my best friends and got called on the carpet.

The writer friend told me that she thought I was 1) being too critical of my own work and 2) making excuses. Then she let me in on a little secret.

No one is ever excited about writing the middle of a project. The people who are successful muddle through. It doesn’t have to be good or right or even what we want. It just has to be done.

Yeah, she doesn’t pull any punches that one.

It was pretty much exactly what I needed to hear.

See the problem with my writing, well, one of the problems is that I don’t finish things. I have 30K words into a novella that probably needs 10K more to be completely done. But it’s been languishing for 4 months because I don’t want to finish it. It’s not fun anymore and if I finish it then I have to actually edit it, polish it and submit it.

I lie to myself, and my friends who aren’t Laura and will accept it, by saying that I don’t really know what I want to write. That’s not really true. I want to write everything.

I have what I think are wonderful ideas for romance, chick lit and dystopian science fiction. I have at least two stories in each of these categories awaiting my attention.

Did I say two? I meant five.

So today is the first of April, beginning of the second quarter of the year, and I’m behind on my yearly and life goals. It’s also the day that many of friends started an A to Z blog challenge. I’m with them this month. My theme is going to be accountability.

I’m picking a story, a nifty probably short one that I’m still excited about, and it will be finished tomorrow. Well, at least the first draft. Then, I’m going to pick up one of the many other things that is languishing in my half finished pile and finish it.

My basic goal is 5000 words a week, but I’ve never been the type of girl to settle for just average work. I like being an A student.

So now, I have established the graing scale. 5000 words a week to get a C. I need you to keep me to it and help me be accountable.

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