E is for Editing, and Editing, and Editing, and Ego

Last summer, I wrote a book. The original writing process took about 10 weeks. I’ve been editing it now for more like 7 and a half months.

A is for Again

I’ve committed myself to doing to A to Z challenge in April. I am doing it this time. But at the same time, today has been hellish. I didn’t get much of a break today. Been running since 7:30 a.m. and I’m posting this at 9:35 p.m. It’s not impressive, but…I did it. If you’re […]

Blog Hop and Book Give Away

I’m notoriously bad at this blogging thing. I like to share about my favorite books, what I’m thinking, etc. and then I get distracted by some other shiny. I’ve decided to do better this year. So the first step is getting more involved with other bloggers. That means reading lots of blogs, commenting and joining […]

Michelle L. Devon: Taking Risks in Life, Writing

If you know Michelle L. Devon, that’s Michy to most of us, you know that she’s one of those people who is always putting herself out there to try to help others be the best they can be.

Lessons in Writing

I have a pair of degrees that claim I know how to write. I occasionally even take them out of the box they’re in and look at them.

The Art of Vacation

I work a lot. I screw around on FB and play games too, but I work a lot. So, you’d think that one little overnight vacation would be easy to accomplish and enjoyed with relish, right? Uh, not so much.

Emotionally Attached: Breaking the Attachment

Perhaps because a lot of what I write is romance, I tend to be an emotional writer.

D is for D’oh!

So I had this brilliant post started and then d’oh hit me. I erased every word and it was lost forever.

A to Z Blog Challenge: Bad and Control

Well that plan went straight out the window.

A to Z Blog Challenge: Accountability

Last week, I had lunch with a couple of my best friends and got called on the carpet.