C… C… Characters starts with C

I read…sometime, somewhere…that one of the way Americans are different from the rest of the world is that we have an unhealthy obsession with what we do for a living. Most of us, it seems, tend to defined who we ware by what we do.

Tempting Book Tours: Review of “Early Release for Bad Behavior”

Some reviews are tougher than others, not because of the quality of the material, but because of the length of it.

The Art of Vacation

I work a lot. I screw around on FB and play games too, but I work a lot. So, you’d think that one little overnight vacation would be easy to accomplish and enjoyed with relish, right? Uh, not so much.

Emotionally Attached: Breaking the Attachment

Perhaps because a lot of what I write is romance, I tend to be an emotional writer.

D is for D’oh!

So I had this brilliant post started and then d’oh hit me. I erased every word and it was lost forever.

The Lows of Publishing

I started the year on a high note. Secret Cravings Publishing prublished my first solo project, a paranormal romance novella DON’T CALL ME COUGAR. I was thrilled, for about 45 minutes.

Traditions and resolutions

For the last several years, my New Year’s Eve day has been spent exploring the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail with my friend Megan, my hubby and our buddy Nick. This year, we were also joined by Megan’s boyfriend, Mo. But yesterday may be the end of that tradition.

Cleaning up my hard drive…Found Fiction

On occasion it seems like a good idea to go through my hard drive, clean it up, organize my files and read through the stuff that I’ve written or half-written and then abandoned.

Paterno Firing A Bad Idea

I like college football, preferably through the lens of a camera on the sidelines. But I’m not a Penn State fan. Never have been. But I remain convinced that firing Joe Paterno was wrong.

Is it a strike if no one comes?

The tenured faculty at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale went on strike yesterday. Unfortunately, according to the local newspaper, only about 85 of the 1,085 tenured and non-tenured professors missed class yesterday. So is it still a strike if nobody comes?